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Business consultation for Chinese economic area trading
Also high grade coating liquid distributor
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Brimont is realizing valuable global business with you

Greeting message

We have 3 mottos of 1) to sale excellent quality products and service, 2)to export and introduce "Made in Japan", 3) to create exciting new business and service.

Many Japanese manufacturers and small and medium sized industries are creating and developing unique products. I believe their products and service by deep research and development is one of Japanese advantage and hope to introduce them to make their success and business growth. I would like to bring my company up with my best to be a trustful partner for you.

Daisuke Goto, President and CEO, Brimont Co.,Ltd.

Our mission

To support small and medium sized industries for their trading business for Chinese economic area. Also to bring attractive breakthrough products in market.
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Origin of our company name, "Brimont"

Our company name "Brimont" is coined word which comes from Esperanto language of "light" and "the world". We are always challenging to be tough company and to exploit infinite world with the light of hope.
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Company profile

Company NameBrimont Co.,Ltd.
Location Shibuya 3 Chome Square Building 2F, Shibuya 3-5-16, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan
RepresentativeDaisuke Goto, President and CEO
EstablishedDec. 2012
Capital2 million yen (JPY)
Business・Trading consultation for China
・Import/Export trading and sales of goods
・distribution and sales of coating liquid, lubricant
・Online sales business provider


Oct. 2012Established head quarter at Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Apr. 2013Launched export business service for "Made in Japan" products
Jan. 2015Started sales of high grade coating liquid, Super Gloss Auto in Japan and overseas.

Access map to office (Japan HQ)

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